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The Fifth Estate: Malcolm Fraser: Ballarat (Part Two)

Listen to The Fifth Estate: Malcolm Fraser: Ballarat (Part Two)

In part two of their conversation series in Melbourne and Ballarat, Sally Warhaft and Malcolm Fraser discuss more of the ideas from his book Dangerous Allies –a deep exploration of Australian politics, foreign policy and relationships with other nations. He talks about the history of our alliances, and talks about the indirect ways in which Australia could be implicated in new wars declared by other countries - including conflicts reliant on uncertain applications of international law.

Since he resigned from federal politics, former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has capped a long and distinguished career by focusing on human rights and international relations. In this captivating dual edition of The Fifth Estate, host Sally Warhaft sits down with the legendary figure in Melbourne and Ballarat to reflect on his political life and talk about his latest book, Dangerous Allies.

Australia has always been largely dependent on powerful distant empires for its security and for direction in how we should shape our foreign policy. In Dangerous Allies, Malcolm Fraser looks back over our dependence on Britain and the United States and examines how our status as an independent Pacific nation has altered this balance of power.

Watch Part One of this discussion in Melbourne.


Download the podcast here. This is a recording of our Ballarat event. For Melbourne’s podcast, go here.

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