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The Fifth Estate: Good Lord

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What does it mean to be Lord Mayor of one of the world’s most liveable cities? And how can we keep that ‘liveable’ status – and the relaxed lifestyle we enjoy – in the face of pressures like a booming population, an upwards-shooting skyline, traffic congestion and crime? As 2012’s Melbourne City Council elections approach, Sally Warhaft hosts eight of nine mayoral candidates – incumbent Robert Doyle, Liberal candidates Gary Morgan and Gary Singer, plus Keith Rankin, Alison Parkes, David Nolte, Joseph Toscano and Brian Shanahan.

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Short introductions by each candidate:
·Robert Doyle
·Gary Morgan
·David Nolte
·Alison Parkes
·Keith Rankin
· Brian Shanahan
· Gary Singer
·Joseph Toscano

·Since the Council’s last elections, which campaign issues are similar or different? Are parks and bicycles on the agenda?
· Is population growth inevitable?
·What are candidates views on the proposed East-West Link freeway/tunnel project?
·How about their ideas on carbon emissions and climate change?
·Questions of campaign transparency
·Cultural, age and gender diversity of candidates
·The merits of different democratic systems of representation

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