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The Festival of Questions: Questions for the City

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During the Wheeler Centre's Festival of Questions this October, we invited visitors to step aside from the onstage discussions for a enquiring moment. Armed with two very comfortable chairs, artist Hallie Shellam was on hand to discuss whatever questions were on people's minds – and to help them sharpen them, before sharing them on screens around Melbourne Town Hall, as well as online.

For this compact, 11-minute episode, we've put together a handful of these short discussions – covering questions about technology, play, ageing, voting and nuclear armament.

Photo of a discussion

Artist Hallie Shellam (left), and a man with a question — Photo: Sophie Quick

Photo of the artwork

Questions for the City – a departure lounge for further consideration — Photo: Jon Tjhia

Photo of the display screen

Questions submitted by visitors – stemming from conversations with Shellam, as well as online submissions – were displayed on screens around the Festival — Photo: Jon Tjhia

Photo of the outside of the Festival

Photo: Jon Tjhia


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