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The Art of Discomfort

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Art is often an expression of society’s most uncomfortable questions; a place where audiences’ unresolved dilemmas find some company. How – and why – is art equipped to take on topics that might otherwise be off-limits?

We talk to some people familiar with the question. D.A. Calf is a theatremaker with The Guerrilla Museum, whose immersive live art has looked closely at death. Scott Price is an actor and a key deviser with Back to Back Theatre with a well-known penchant for provocation. And Jessica Thom has blogged extensively about her life with Tourette’s – at her website, you can cast ‘funny votes’ for almost 6,000 of her tics – while, as alter ego Touretteshero, sharing the creative, playful side of the often misunderstood condition.

Together in discussion with Emily Sexton, we hear from these artists whose creative work veers close to boundaries – whether death, censorship, trust or the base conditions of our existence.

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