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Take Home Reading: Imbi Neeme

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Photograph of Imbi Neeme next to the cover of her book, 'The Spill', featuring a large illustration of a wave.

Take Home Reading is a new short-form audio series for readers and writers – shining a spotlight on Australian writers with recently released books. In each instalment, you’ll be introduced to a writer, learn a little about what they’ve been reading lately, and hear a short reading from their latest work. 

In this episode we’re talking to Imbi Neeme about her novel, The Spill, a compassionate portrait of a fractured family piecing together their different recollections of the past. 

'No two people ever experience or remember the same thing in the same way, especially when they're sisters. The Spill is about two sisters who we meet in the present day. Their mother has just passed away and they are ostensibly estranged from each other. At the heart of the novel is this accident they were in as young girls, where their mother was driving. No one was particularly hurt in that accident, but the impact of it is felt for decades afterwards. And so we explore more of these sisters' pasts, shared and sometimes quite separate. And over time we come to understand a little more about how they've become who they are.'

The Spill is out now through Penguin Random House.


Download a PDF transcript of this episode here.


Portrait of Imbi Neeme

Imbi Neeme

Imbi Neeme is a recovering blogger, impending novelist and compulsive short story writer. Her manuscript The Spill was awarded the 2019 Penguin Literary Prize. 

Portrait of Stella Charls

Stella Charls

Stella is the Wheeler Centre's Programming Coordinator.

An emerging arts manager and event producer, Stella was previously the Marketing and Events Coordinator for Readings, and the Festival Manager for the National Young Writers’ Festival, Australia’s largest gathering of young and innovative writers working in both new and traditional forms.

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