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Take Home Reading: Ellena Savage

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Photograph of Ellena Savage next to the cover of her book, 'Blueberries', featuring an abstract image and the words 'What kind of body makes a memoir?'

Take Home Reading is a new short-form audio series for readers and writers – shining a spotlight on Australian writers with recently released books. In each instalment, you’ll be introduced to a writer, learn a little about what they’ve been reading lately, and hear a short reading from their latest work. 

In this episode we’re talking to Ellena Savage about her collection, Blueberries

In Blueberries, Savage wields a stirring blend of journalism, poetry, polemic and memoir in her pursuit of human truths: the meaning of power and desire, the decisions that make a life, and one’s place in the world.

Blueberries, the book, charts some of my travels and my attempts to make a life for myself that supports writing. And that's often meant me living outside of Melbourne, which is obviously a very expensive place to live if you're not a professional. So the book itself is about mobility in all its connotations, so kind of global mobility, through travel, migration, colonisation. It's about class mobility, social mobility, and also [the] physical mobility of women.’

Ellena was programmed to appear in our Next Big Thing: Here and Gone Edition event, which was unfortunately cancelled as part of our preventative measures to stem the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Blueberries is out now through Text Publishing.


Portrait of Ellena Savage

Ellena Savage

Ellena Savage is an author and academic. Her work has been published widely in anthologies and literary journals including, recently, the Paris Review Daily, Sydney Review of Books, Choice Words and Lifted Brow, of which she is a former editor. Ellena is the recipient of several grants and prizes, including the 2019–21 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship. Ellena lives in Athens, Greece. Blueberries is her first collection.

Portrait of Stella Charls

Stella Charls

Stella is the Wheeler Centre's Programming Coordinator.

An emerging arts manager and event producer, Stella was previously the Marketing and Events Coordinator for Readings, and the Festival Manager for the National Young Writers’ Festival, Australia’s largest gathering of young and innovative writers working in both new and traditional forms.

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