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So Who the Bloody Hell Are We?: Sentimental Bloke

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Australian masculinity is most often presented as an uncomplicated beast: stoic, sports-loving, beer-drinking, emotion-hiding, hard-working, authority-bucking, laconic. We know what an Aussie man looks like. Or do we?

In Sentimental Bloke — the first in our So Who the Bloody Hell Are We? series — Michael Cathcart, Craig Sherborne, Anne Summers and Craig Reucassel debate the finer points of the what it means to be a bloke in today’s Australia.

Where are our templates of masculinity formed, and how true to life are they? How has the face of Australian fatherhood changed since decades past, and why? Do our nation’s traditionally ‘male’ pastimes and occupations still ring true? And — will you be drinking beer or wine?

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