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Question time: The Housing Market

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In recent years, there’s been an increasing preoccupation in the media with stories on the liveability of cities. This is especially the case in Melbourne, which has topped the Economist magazine’s world liveability rankings for five years running. But not everyone is finding Melbourne as liveable as Economist editors – and an especially contentious issue is the matter of housing. 

Photo of the panellists

From left to right: Madeleine Morris, Ken Morrison, Marion Terrill and Jenny Smith — Photo: Connor Tomas O'Brien

Rising property prices, urban sprawl and strained infrastructure are putting increasing pressure on our daily lives. The divide between homeowners and renters is become wider. What role will apartment living play in the future of housing in Australia? Are we building enough suitable housing for the elderly? What is the definition of affordable housing, and how can we do better by homeless people?

In the first of our Question Time series for 2016, Madeleine Morris hosts a full hour of audience Q&A with the Grattan Institute’s Transport Program director Marion Terrill, Ken Morrison CEO of the Property Council of Australia, and Jenny Smith CEO of the Council to Homeless Persons. In this episode, you'll hear our guests tackle questions on property booms, affordable housing and urban planning. 


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