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Question Time: Home Grown Energy

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Climate change isn’t the only thing that’s reached a tipping point recently: renewable energy investment and implementation has surged worldwide – with more capacity for renewables now being added annually than coal, natural gas and oil combined.

What does this shift to renewables mean for households, businesses and industry – and why does the Australian Government continue to spend billions on fossil fuel subsidies each year?

Our panel devotes an hour of pure audience Q&A to exploring the current state of renewable power. What are the big technological developments behind the boom in renewables, and how will they affect our lives and societies in the next decade? Is a 100% renewable energy target a real (or increasing) possibility – and how about beyond it? Will Australia join the clean energy revolution, and what are the political and logistical hurdles?

Hosted by Madeleine Morris, with economist and author Ross Garnaut; inventor and Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology director Veena Sahajwalla; and policy analyst and senior GetUp! campaigner Miriam Lyons.


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