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Question Time: Economics, Tax and Tax Reform

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In the middle of the election campaign, Question Time goes fiscal – with a focus on all things economic. Series host Madeleine Morris leads a full hour of audience questions, covering the budget’s winners and losers, election promises and tax reform – from superannuation and negative gearing to the GST, personal income tax and tax avoidance laws.

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Madeleine Morris, Michelle Grattan, John Freebairn and Richard Denniss — Photo: Jon Tjhia

How does the government plan to rationalise Australia’s spending, and what are the likely effects on the household hip pocket? What does a fair tax system look like? What are the costs and benefits of economic reform … and, with both parties promising spending cuts, how will voters respond? 

Nut out the nation’s pecuniary progress – and untangle the complexity of public money – with our user-friendly cadre of experts: Econobabble author and Australia Institute chief economist Richard Denniss, economics professor and former government advisor John Freebairn, and esteemed political journalist Michelle Grattan.

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