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Post-Millennial: The Meaning of Adulthood Today

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When it comes to generational divides, unflattering stereotypes abound. Baby-boomers are Beatles-obsessed real-estate hogs; Gen Xers are vinyl-fetishing finger-waggers and millennials are entitled, smashed avocado-munching whiners. 

Highlighting generational differences is a great way for journalists to get clicks, but how accurately do these categories really describe us? And, for the so-called ‘millennials’, what are the real and perceived differences in choices, attitudes and behaviour from older generations? 

Emily Sexton hosts Clementine Ford, Kayla Rae Whitaker, Will Kostakis and Tom Taylor for a conversation that looks past the stereotypes to examine the changing nature of adulthood in Australia today.

Presented in partnership with Bendigo Writers Festival.

Photo of the panellists

Tom Taylor, Will Kostakis, Kayla Rae Whitaker, Clementine Ford and Emily Sexton — Photo: Peter Weaving Photography

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