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Paul Keating and Kerry O'Brien

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In 2013, ABC TV screened Paul Keating - The Interviewsa revealing four-part series on the life and career of the former prime minister, resulting from many hours of conversation with veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien. The material left on the cutting-room floor would have been enough to make any Australian political journalist weep. Keating is one Australia’s most intriguing, controversial and reforming political figures. O’Brien is among our most experienced and incisive political journalists.

Kerry O'Brien and Paul Keating

Kerry O'Brien and Paul Keating (photo: Connor O'Brien)

Fortunately, O’Brien has been able to build on the material from the 2013 interviews to write a comprehensive and thrilling book on Keating’s significant impact on Australian public life, with Keating’s cooperation. The pair join us for an extended discussion of the life and legacy of one of Australia’s most fascinating political figures.

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