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On Water: Yasmin Newman

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‘I felt water’s presence in countless forms,’ recounts Yasmin Newman, as she unfurls a personal narrative that brings us from Australian dairy farming country to flooded downtown Manila, and journeys across the water between the Philippine islands of Luzon (which houses the capital) and her family’s base of Mindoro. These travels form the backbone of Newman’s interest in food as a potent cultural and historical force.

On Water

There is no more precious resource on the planet than water. It comprises 60% of our body mass and covers 70% of the planet’s surface. We drink it, we bathe in it, and it surrounds our island. In 2014, the Wheeler Centre joins forces with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, presented by Bank of Melbourne, to explore the myriad ways we relate to water – how we’re using and abusing it, are dependent upon it for our survival and are sometimes powerless to stop it.

Eight guests, including Lucky Peach magazine’s Chris Ying, will present their personal and imaginative visions on water. Conservation consultant and editor Helen Doyle will examine the history and heritage of water supply in the Australian landscape.

Other guests include Genevieve Grieves, curator at Bunjilaka, Melbourne Museum’s Aboriginal Cultural centre, Oxfam Australia CEO Helen Szoke, and Olympic gold medalist diver Matthew Mitcham, each with their own unique perspective on H2O.

Presented in partnership with Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

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