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Men Overboard: Performing Gender

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More than any other artistic discipline, theatre has a long history of performers crossing the gender divide. But how does the artifice of a constructed gender performance relate to and comment on the fact we spend much of our everyday lives performing gender roles, often unconsciously? Are our entire lives a kind of performance?

Zoe Coombs Marr is an acclaimed writer and comedian whose show Dave has turned gender stereotypes upside down, while delighting sell-out audiences. Zoe is joined by Paul Capsis, an actor and singer who explores the notion of gender fluidity in his work, Jez Pez, a queer trans youth worker, and audio investigator Roslyn Oades. The final part of Roslyn’s audio trilogy examining courage is I’m Your Man, a revealing insight into male speech patterns in boxing, as heard through verbatim performances via headphones.

Together, they’ll look at how masculinity is portrayed in performance, and how rooted it is in the art itself, illuminating its many facets, flaws and strengths. This intriguing and subversive take on the male psyche will be facilitated by renowned actor and director Jane Montgomery Griffiths.

Men Overboard

What does it mean to be a man – or a boy – in the 21st century? How far have we come in shedding the macho expectations of the past … and to what extent do we still perform our gender roles on a daily basis? Do we still believe that boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails, or that real men don’t eat quiche? This insightful series explores masculinity through talk, performance and across the generations.

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