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Medium Rare

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Every lover of books, every writer and every great reader knows the score – there are thousands of amazing, obscure and underrated literary gems in libraries and bookstores just waiting to be discovered. And yet when you try to champion these cult favourites to someone at work, the inevitable response is, ‘Sounds good, but have you read The Da Vinci Code? It’s awesome!’

This year the Wheeler Centre is taking an alternative approach to our celebration of Melbourne Rare Book Week. Host Michael Cathcart, authors Emily Gale and Tony Wilson, and Sleepers Publishing’s Louise Swinn tell us about the books they wish were rare. The titles they’re sick to death of, the ones that make them shake their literary fists in despair.

Join us in the brand new Library at The Dock for the biggest literary takedown of the year as our guests rail against the might of hype, bad prose, the tired old canon, confused conspiracies and misguided monster hits.

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