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Lunchbox/Soapbox: Julian Cribb: Poisoned Planet

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Everybody knows our food and environment have been polluted by chemicals, yet we remain ignorant of their potential effects and how we might avoid ingesting these harmful substances. We have become so inured to hearing news of chemical spills and dubious ingredients that we forget the danger posed by living in a chemical world.

In his new book Poisoned Planet, award-winning journalist and author Julian Cribb maps out the big picture of chemical consequences. Examining the evidence and science from multiple international studies, he outlines the full extent of the problem and proposes solutions that will enable us to not only undo the damage, but lead to better health for us and our planet.


Portrait of Julian Cribb

Julian Cribb

Julian Cribb is an Australian author, journalist, editor and science communicator. He is founding editor of, which has 5 million followers worldwide.

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