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Kerry Reed-Gilbert: The Cherry Picker’s Daughter

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Photograph of Jeanine Leane and Timmah Ball

Jeanine Leane and Timmah Ball at the Wheeler Centre

Aunty Kerry Reed-Gilbert was a Wiradjuri poet, elder, editor, educator and a champion of up-and-coming Indigenous writers. Her contribution to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literary community – and to Australia's rich literary landscape more broadly – is hard to overstate. Aunty Kerry co-founded the First Nations Australian Writers Network (FNAWN) and edited many indispensable books of Indigenous poetry and prose.

When Aunty Kerry died in July this year, she'd just completed the manuscript for her memoir, The Cherry Picker’s Daughter. In the book, she tells the story of growing up Aboriginal on the fringes of outback towns in New South Wales. It's a story about poverty, racism and persecution and about the bravery and resilience of Aboriginal women, particularly her father's sister, Aunty Joyce Hutchings, who raised her along with her own children.

At this very special event, Jeanine Leane and Timmah Ball come together to celebrate Aunty Kerry's life and legacy.

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