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Group Texts: Heart and Soul: Australian Romance Writing

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Photo of Jenna Guillaume speaking at the lectern

Jenna Guillaume

Name a literary genre that has always placed women front and centre. Romance.

Romance writing is largely by women, for women – and in Australia, the genre has evolved a lot in recent years, with exciting new publishing models, booming sub-genres and big hits by local authors on the international stage. Australian romance writers are busier than ever, writing funny, smart, sexy and, above all, entertaining fiction.

At this special event at the Wheeler Centre, we hear from some of the stars of Australian romance. Each writer shares a short reflection or provocation on the genre, followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A.

What are the reactionary conventions of romance, and what are its more subversive elements? What do stolen kisses, ripped bodices and father figures mean today? What's changing, what's here to stay, and what sets the 21st-century woman’s heart aflutter?

Featuring Jenna Guillaume, C.S. Pacat, Jodi McAlister, Angelita Biscotti, Anne Gracie and Minnie Darke.

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