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Forget About It!: The Science and Psychology of Memory

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The mind works in obscure, often inconvenient, ways. Do you find you can recall every line of Wayne’s World dialogue, but you’ve forgotten your own blood type, your seven times tables, your grandmother’s maiden name, the year of the Battle of Hastings?

What do our minds retain, what do they discard, and why? Diving deep into the subconscious for this discussion, we explore the latest in psychology and neuroscience to gain some novel perspectives around forgetting. Is memory loss a natural part of ageing? When is forgetting a brain malfunction, and when it is a healthy, cleansing act of the subconscious? Can forgetting be as valuable as remembering? Can forgetting spur creativity?

Join us for a fresh and memorable conversation on the psychological, scientific and even psychoanalytical processes of forgetting. Physician and writer Leah Kaminsky hosts a panel including psychiatrist and Alzheimer's researcher Ashley Bush, behavioural neuroscientist Jee Hyun Kim and psychoanalyst Leonardo Salvador Rodríguez.

Photo of the panellists

The panel: Leah Kaminsky, Leonardo Salvador Rodríguez, Jee Hyun Kim and Ashley Bush

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