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Dead Calm: Bodies

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Hilary Harper and the panellists on stage at the Wheeler Centre

Hilary Harper, Pia Interlandi, Rohit D'Costa and Dominique Martin at the Wheeler Centre

What happens to our bodies when we die? Do our bodies define who and what we are – or are they a vessel for something more?

In the final talk in our Dead Calm series, we focus on the site of death itself, exploring the physiological and philosophical implications of death for the human body. For many of us, ‘bodies’ are an integral part of the whole discussion of death and also the most confronting. Does the way we treat our bodies after we die have ethical implications, or merely practical ones? How do different religious traditions conceive of the body after death? And how is the meaning of death changing with advances in medical science?

At this event, Dominique Martin, Rohit D'Costa and Pia Interlandi talk organ donation, artistic intervention, bioethics and more, hosted by Hilary Harper.

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