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Cultural Solutions

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Australians are more culturally aware than at any time in our history, and many communities have turned to music, art and storytelling as a viable means of tackling social and economic problems. Are the arts being overlooked as an effective way of solving contemporary issues? What benefits can communities reap by adopting a more culturally integrated approach?

The latest edition of the Griffith REVIEW showcases such artistic success stories, examining the ways in which storytelling and greater creative engagement can transform communities. Contributor Marcus Westbury’s Renew Australia campaign helped turn Newcastle into a thriving hub of art and literature festivals, while Scott Rankin’s work has brought Australian theatre to international audiences and remote communities.

Marcus and Scott are joined in this panel discussion by editor Julianne Schultz and fellow contributor Robyn Archer, who explore the differences in cultural policy between Europe and Australia. Together they examine the profound and lasting effects of cultural solutions to social problems. Moderated by the Wheeler Centre’s head of programming Simon Abrahams.

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