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Crime and Punishment

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‘The question is, am I a monster, or am I myself a victim? And what if I am a victim?’ One hundred and fifty years since Dostoevsky’s masterpiece, Crime and Punishment, we’ll be talking about our enduring obsessions with transgression, retribution and justice. What purpose does punishment play in society? Is punishment good for you? And what is the connection between punishment, justice, catharsis and redemption?

'Rehabilitation. What the hell is that?'

Arthur, a cast member from The Chat

The answers to these questions depend on who you ask. Facilitator Madeleine Morris speaks with former Pentridge Prison chaplain Peter Norden, female inmate advocate Debbie Kilroy, actor Uncle Jack Charles, Susan Shepherd, a former dominatrix with a lived experience of prison, and theatre maker J.R. Brennan.

This Insight-style forum took place at Arts House on the set of Brennan’s work, The Chat, a theatre performance created by artists and ex-offenders. We hear from a range of other guests who are invested in these issues – from criminologists to ex-offenders, from the law makers to the law breakers.

Host Madeleine Morris

Host Madeleine Morris opens the discussion — Photo: Johnboy Davidson

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