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Carrie Brownstein

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Visiting Melbourne on tour with the reformed Sleater-Kinney, Carrie Brownstein rests her guitar for a chat with Myf Warhurst. Listen in as the pair discuss pop music, fandom, the process of writing – and the act of performance, on the page and on stage.

Photo: Carrie Brownstein speaks with Myf Warhurst

Carrie Brownstein speaks with Myf Warhurst

Rising to riot grrrl fame with pioneering 90s punk trio Sleater-Kinney, and later gaining a whole legion of new fans as star of comedy sketch show Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein is a one-of-a-kind talent. Recently, she’s applied that talent to memoir-writing. In Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, Brownstein writes of her turbulent suburban upbringing – and of finding her people, and her power, through the feminist punk scene.


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