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Can U Not? Featuring Megan Tan

Listen to Can U Not? Featuring Megan Tan

Inspired by US podcasts like Women of the Hour and Call Your Girlfriend, Can U Not? is one of a new crop of Australian podcasts centred around entertaining and insightful critiques of pop culture – as young women experience and enjoy it. Hosts Brodie Lancaster and Kamna Muddagouni cover topics as broad as the merit of awards, celebrity Snaps, accessibility in art, various Kardashians spin-offs and ethnographic photography practices.

At the heart of the podcast is the question of how women interact with the world politically, culturally, socially, economically – something it shares in common with Megan Tan’s Millennial.

Photo of Brodie Lancaster and Kamna Muddagouni (Can U Not?), and Megan Tan (Millennial)

Brodie Lancaster and Kamna Muddagouni (Can U Not?) interview Megan Tan (Millennial)

As a successful autobiographical podcast, Millennial is uniquely contemporary. Through three seasons, it’s followed Tan’s dilemmas about work and money, freelancing and burn-out, relationships and family, travel and cultural identity. As the series has developed, Tan’s focus has widened to explore how people in other cultures deal with the same questions.

For the Wheeler Centre, Lancaster and Muddagouni present a special live taping of an episode of Can U Not? with Tan as their featured guest. Tune in for a discussion of coming of age, figuring yourself out and making things happen – in Australia and America.

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