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In this panel discussion as part of Next Wave Festival 2014’s grand narrative, artists Tahjee Moar, Tony Albert, Destiny Deacon, Virginia Fraser, Clinton Nain and host Richard Bell speak frankly on what it means to be a 21st Century Indigenous art practitioner and how their artistic practices are helping to forge a fresh path to the future.

Next Wave Festival 2014’s keynote initiative, Blak Wave, involves the creation of a publication that showcases the work of the next generation of Indigenous artists. In this document, contributors are invited to explore the political, personal and aesthetic boundaries of contemporary art.

Tahjee Moar is a young Torres Strait Islander woman, a curator and co-founder of Yolk Collective, a not-for-profit organization comprised of six Art Theory students from the Centre of Fine Arts in Sydney. The collective is designed to create opportunities and editorial for emerging artists. Tony Albert is a highly accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited in Israel, South Korea, New Zealand and Cuba. His work can be seen in many collections around Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia and the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

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