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Art & us: Art & science

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Throughout history, many famous artists have also been scientists, pushing the creative boundaries of invention with their work. How does an exploration of science impact on artistic practice, and what are the subsequent benefits of introducing a more creative process back into the scientific world?

Briony Barr is a visual artist who regularly collaborates with physicists to generate artworks, in particular large-scale drawings that explore complex systems, involving multiple participants. Leah Heiss is an artist and designer whose work explores nanotechnology and manufacturing, developing jewellery and swallowable devices that interact with the body. James Saunders' new theatre show, Fugue, is currently in development in collaboration with neuroscientists at the Florey Neuroscience Institutes, University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Can art push the boundaries of science towards practical new real-world discoveries, and how does an experimental scientific approach enhance art? Briony, James and Leah explore how the relationship between art and science can make the world a better place, by asking if more creative approaches from the world of art can be implemented to solve scientific problems, and vice versa. Moderated by Alicia Sometimes.

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