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Adapt to Survive: Publishing in 2016

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In both the big and small ends of town, what does it take to stay afloat in the publishing business? These days, it seems that no matter your skills, the paying of bills looms large – whether you’re in small press, independent journals, magazines, books, ‘new’ media or news media.

Through subscriptions, retail, arts funding, sponsorships, donations, ads, crowdfunding and more, we’ll take a fresh look at the financial and technological changes keeping today’s publishers and writers on their toes. And we’ll talk about some of the tactics (and the logic underpinning them) that publishers are deploying in response. Who’s leading the field, who’s surviving most confidently, and how do you balance quality, quantity and liquidity? How are publishers and writers branching out – into events, publishing different kinds of material, taking on paid work in complementary fields – to make ends meet? Is there a better way?

Sam Cooney is the publisher of the Lifted Brow, who’ve just broadened their remit to include books as well as a quarterly magazine and website. Former Junkee editor Steph Harmon is now the Guardian’s Cultural Editor. Jane Howard is the newly-minted director of Digital Writers’ Festival. In conversation with Meanjin editor Jonathan Green, find out how they’re keeping the lights on.

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