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Magazines, Misogyny and Manners: Ita Buttrose

Listen to Magazines, Misogyny and Manners: Ita Buttrose

Although many doors have swung open for women in the last half-century, the promise that women can ‘have it all’ seems to be more of a failed joke than a genuine goal.

How have things changed for women in this defining period? Is misogyny a distant memory, or a still-present problem? And what of modern manners – is there such a thing?

Magazine queen and media legend Ita Buttrose talks about the gender revolution, and reflects on her decades of experience working in the media. At this time of tumult and technological change, she talks about where she sees the future – drawing on the lessons of the past.

Don’t miss this incisive evening with host Sally Warhaft and Australian icon Ita Buttrose.

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