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Bob Carr

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Throughout his 18 months as foreign minister of Australia, Bob Carr kept a diary. Chronicling the tumultuous events of his time in office, this personal journal has now been published as a book, Diary of a Foreign Minister.

While he was negotiating Australia’s bid for a UN Security Council seat, dealing with the war in Syria and meeting with officials throughout Asia, the Labor Party was in turmoil. What was really going on during Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard’s bids for the leadership? How could the party possibly recover in time for the next election? And what is it like to be the foreign minister?

Already the subject of much gossip and discussion, Bob Carr’s intimate memoir gives an unparalleled insight into the culture of government and the work of a foreign minister. Fifth Estate host Sally Warhaft sits down with the former statesman for a frank and revealing glimpse into the world of international and local politics, straight from the source.

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