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William McInnes

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The qualities that endear Australian audiences to William McInnes as an actor are the same that endear him as a writer. It’s that wry, laconic voice and the affectionate, authentic take on Australian life.

Loved for his iconic TV roles in Blue HeelersSea Change and The Time of Our Lives, McInnes has also won acclaim for film roles including Unfinished Sky and My Brother JackIn recent years, he’s devoted increasing attention to writing. He’s the author of several works of memoir and the novel Cricket KingsHis latest book, Full Boreis about Australian artefacts and memorabilia and offers a very funny and perceptive take on Australia’s popular culture and sporting obsessions.

At Montalto Vineyard, William discusses his career and creative endeavours with Melbourne author John Harms.

Books and Ideas at Montalto

A series of thoughtful conversations about Australian literature – away from the city, at Montalto on the Mornington Peninsula.