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#3 Lucky Phil

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“Thou shalt not kill” - The Sixth Commandment

Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying law was written to allow an eligible, terminally ill patient to drink a lethal medication to end their suffering; choosing to drink being considered the ultimate voluntary act.

But the law allows, in exceptional circumstances, for a doctor to intravenously administer that medication to end their patient’s life.

Who would need such a thing? And what impact does it have on a doctor when they are asked to transgress the age-old commandment ‘thou shalt not kill’?

Katie Harley and her father ‘Lucky’ Phil Ferrarotto. “It was like Dad designed … those last few moments and it was exactly the way he wanted it.” - Photo: Supplied

In this episode, we meet oncologist Cam McLaren, who is faced with the question, “Am I capable of ending my patient’s life?” And we meet Katie Harley. Her father Phil – Cam’s patient – has had so many forms of cancer, he’s like a gothic version of the Cheshire Cat – more and more of him removed till just about all that’s left is his smile. 

But smile he still does. Because, despite everything, Katie's dad calls himself ‘Lucky Phil’.


Till the day I die, it'll be the most courageous thing I've ever seen anyone do. To look a man in the eye and to know that he's about to end your life and then to write him a letter and say thank you, that's courage beyond measure.”

Katie Harley, Phil’s daughter

Katie and Dr Cameron McLaren. “Something incredible happened between Dad and Cam. They built up a fabulous rapport.” - Photo: Juliet Lamont

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In order of appearance: Mark Yates, Cameron McLaren, Katie Harley, Ray Godbold, Robyn Godbold, Tara Godbold, Rory Godbold, Ella Godbold, Mariska Koster

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Special thanks to our interviewees Katie Harley and Cameron McLaren for their time for this episode.

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Phil’s letter to Cameron. “I am so proud of the job that you have done. And I'm eternally thankful. Best wishes for your future, mate. Phil Ferrorotto” - Photo: Juliet Lamont

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