PM’s Literary Awards Winners in Conversation

PM's Literary Awards Winners in Conversation

What is Australian literature? What was Australian literature? And where is our literary culture taking us?

Now in its tenth year, the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards recognises outstanding merit in Australian literature. In this conversation, we explore what constitutes Australian literature in 2018. How do we imagine this country? Do books written by Australian authors reflect the obsessions, the divisions and the evolution of Australian society? Do they challenge us? What are we telling the world about ourselves through our creative culture?

Join Thuy On as she speaks with Elizabeth Tynan (2017 Australian history winner) and Ryan O’Neill (2017 fiction winner) on books, writing and national character.


Portrait of Thuy On

Thuy On

Thuy On is books editor of the Big Issue and a Melbourne-based freelance critic, editor, copywriter and manuscript assessor. 


Portrait of Elizabeth Tynan

Elizabeth Tynan

Dr Elizabeth Tynan is a science writer and academic at the James Cook University (JCU) Graduate Research School in Queensland, Australia. A former journalist, she completed a PhD on aspects of British nuclear testing in Australia, and is co-author of the book Media and Journalism: New approaches to theory and practice, now in its third edition.

Portrait of Ryan O'Neill

Ryan O'Neill

Ryan O’Neill is the author of The Weight of a Human Heart and Their Brilliant Careers. He was born in Glasgow in 1975 and has lived in Africa, Europe and Asia before settling in Newcastle, Australia, with his wife and two daughters.