PJ Vogt

PJ Vogt

PJ Vogt (Reply All) shot to podcasting fame last year. But behind his recent success, Vogt has been deeply involved with the craft of storytelling – and some of its most celebrated institutions.

Reply All is a show about people, technology and the internet, produced by Vogt and co-host Alex Goldman, with whom he also made the podcast TLDR (for WNYC’s On The Media). Since its November 2014 debut, the show has covered internet shaming, One Direction relationship truthers, time-travelling hitmen and the inventor of the pop-up ad. Vogt’s work has also appeared on This American Life and NPR’s All Things Considered.

The show is produced in New York at Gimlet Media – a for-profit podcast network founded by former This American Life and Planet Money producer Alex Blumberg. Joined by Ben Birchall (Ingredipedia podcast), he talks about the new wave of American audio storytelling as he sees it – from the dark corners of the internet to the shadowy truths of the world.


Portrait of PJ Vogt

PJ Vogt

PJ Vogt hosts the podcast Reply All from Gimlet. Reply All is a thrice-a-month podcast that mixes narrative journalism with an editorial sensibility that favours weirdness, humour, and surprise. Every month, the show is downloaded over 2.5 million times. He won a Third Coast award for his hard-hitting look at a prolific songwriter who has written eight albums about toilets.

Portrait of Ben Birchall

Ben Birchall

Ben Birchall is a writer, broadcaster and creative director who has worked in radio, advertising and digital publishing. He hosted 3RRR FM’s Breakfasters from 2009-2012 and is currently the host of Ingredipedia – a factual food fight podcast that consistently tops the iTunes Australia food charts. His writing has appeared in the Age, Smith Journal and Frankie and his advertising work for clients like NAB, Mars, CUB and the Wheeler Centre has won awards internationally.

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