Nick McKenzie: The Sting

Nick McKenzie: The Sting

Walkley-award-winning investigative journalist Nick McKenzie has been to the frontline of Australia’s real-life assault on organised crime, reporting for Fairfax and ABC’s Four Corners. The Sting tells the true story of an Australian law enforcement agency pitted against a tech-savvy, billion-dollar global organised crime empire.

In the edge-of-your-seat prose of a pulp fiction novelist, Nick McKenzie introduces us to the characters in every corner of a complex cat-and-mouse game: the globe-trotting drug bosses, beleaguered investigating officers, news-hungry reporters and desperate drug cooks. Joining him for this discussion is fellow reporter Cameron Stewart.


Portrait of Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie is one of Australia’s leading investigative journalists. He works for the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and occasionally reports for ABC TV’s Four Corners.

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