Nick Cater

Nick Cater

The iconic Australian ideal of the ‘fair go’ is under threat, says Nick Cater. He identifies a new breed of ‘sophisticated’ Australians, who hate corporations, miners and the Murdoch media – as well as alcopops, sugar and plastic bags. They’ve gentrified the Labor Party and scared off the workers. And they consider themselves free thinkers … but end up thinking the same things.

Current Australia can be divided into ‘insiders’ (these snobbish sophisticates – also known as elites) and ‘outsiders’, says Cater, a senior editor at the Australian.

In this eye-opening insight into how some Australians think, Cater presents his view on who his ‘insiders’ are, and why he believes they’re so dangerous.

In this video, Nick Cater engages in a lively conversation about his ideas with Peter Mares, adjunct fellow at the Swinburne Institute for Social Research.


Portrait of Nick Cater

Nick Cater

Nick Cater is a journalist, author and visiting fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. He is a former editor of the Weekend Australian and held senior editorial roles at the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph.

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