New News 2015: Watching Me Watching You: Surveillance and Sources

New News 2015: Watching Me Watching You: Surveillance and Sources

State surveillance and maintaining the privacy of sources remain key challenges for journalists to overcome. What will become of the rights of investigative journalists and whistleblowers following the Federal Government’s newly introduced national security measures? Paul Farrell, Michael Bachelard and Jason Bosland discuss how journalists balance the public’s right to know with the legal and ethical issues they navigate every day.


Portrait of Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell is a reporter at Guardian Australia. He produces investigations about immigration detention, national security and corporate affairs. He's broken major stories about Australia's immigration detention system and was the lead reporter on the Nauru files, the largest cache of leaked documents ever published from within Australia's immigration detention system.

Portrait of Jason Bosland

Jason Bosland

Jason Bosland is deputy director of the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School, where he teaches communications and intellectual property law. He holds degrees from the University of Melbourne and the London School of Economics. His primary research interests lie in media law, including defamation and privacy, open justice and the media, contempt of court and freedom of speech.

Portrait of Michael Bachelard

Michael Bachelard

Michael Bachelard has been a journalist for 25 years and is the recently returned Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media – the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Before his stint in Indonesia, Michael worked in the press gallery in Canberra, and then in Melbourne for the Australian, before joining the Age in 2006. Since returning, he has taken up the role of editor of the investigations unit at the Age.

He has written two books – The Great Land Grab and Behind The Exclusive Brethren – and has won a number of journalistic awards, including a Walkley Award and a Quill award.