More than a Game: The Culture of Footy

More than a Game: The Culture of Footy

We’re very quick to celebrate our sporting culture as a reflection of the very qualities we think of as Australian. But isn’t football sexist? Isn’t it racist? Isn’t it homophobic? This is a footy town, but how well does the game foster attitudes of tolerance, of diversity and inclusiveness?

Caroline Wilson, Finn Bradshaw, Chris McAuliffe, Daniel Jackson and Pippa Grange explore how football responds to and influences our cultural identity.

They ask whether players are obligated to be role models, examine the way sexual and racial politics are played out on and off the field, and consider how sport can be a socially progressive force.


Portrait of Pippa Grange

Pippa Grange

Pippa Grange is the AFL Players Association’s former General Manager of Culture and Leadership.

Portrait of Caroline Wilson

Caroline Wilson

Caroline Wilson has been chief football writer for the Age since 1999.

Portrait of Finn Bradshaw

Finn Bradshaw

Finn Bradshaw is Online Sport Editor at the Herald Sun.

Portrait of Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is a current AFL player for the Richmond Football Club.

Portrait of Chris McAuliffe

Chris McAuliffe

Dr Chris McAuliffe is Director of the Ian Potter Museum of Art at The University of Melbourne. Prior to that he was for ten years a lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne.

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