Middlesex: Queer Week: The Trans Body Politic

Middlesex: Queer Week: The Trans Body Politic

Our understanding of gender diversity has shifted exponentially over the past few decades, even reaching into the classroom. More than ever before children are dressing and living in their chosen gender, and courts are increasingly supporting their choices through mandated access to puberty blockers leading into their adult years. But what are the public attitudes to trans bodies, and how are these attitudes evolving? How is the trans community constituted and how is it faring?

We ask these questions of Melbourne’s Sally Goldner, a trans singer/songwriter, drummer, activist and a self-identified ‘bisexual Jewish cowgirl’; Brotherboy and Aboriginal activist Kai Clancy; Jez Pez, a queer trans man who works as youth worker, educator, and project manager; and of renowned ftm (female-to-male) porn star and documentary maker Buck Angel.

Hosted by Kath Duncan.

Buck Angel appears courtesy of Feast Adelaide Queer Cultural Festival.


Portrait of Kai Clancy

Kai Clancy

Kai Clancy is 19 years old and was assigned female at birth. Kai is a Brotherboy (an Aboriginal transmasculine person); he comes from Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli nations. Kai has been heavily involved in Aboriginal politics in Brisbane. He is also a part of the newly formed collective WAR - Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. Kai is a staunch advocate for aboriginal inclusivity and visibility in the transgender community.

Portrait of Jez Pez

Jez Pez

Jez Pez is a queer trans man. Professionally he works as a youth worker, educator and project manager in the field of trans and gender diversity. Jez is the creator of Dude magazine, a resource about trans masculinity and sexuality.

Portrait of Buck Angel

Buck Angel

Buck Angel was born a biological female and conquered a lifetime of adversity to undergo his transformation and become the healthy, happy, self-confident man he is today. Buck created the first FTM adult website in 2003 and became the first FTM adult entertainer and film producer. In 2007, Buck made history again as the first transsexual man to ever win the AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year award (the academy awards of the adult industry).

Portrait of Sally Goldner

Sally Goldner

Sally Goldner is an educator, speaker, MC and occasional performer. Her involvement in Victoria’s queer community has spanned more than twenty years. She has worked as executive director and treasurer of Transgender Victoria, presenter of 3CR’s queer program 'Out of the Pan', co-facilitator of Transfamily and treasurer of Bisexual Alliance Victoria. She is also a contributor to the 2018 book Living and Loving in Diversity.

Portrait of Kath Duncan

Kath Duncan

Kath Duncan is a 50-something writer, activist and raconteur with many decades of feminist and disability pride under her belt. Kath works in social media, and has a background in journalism and teaching communications. 

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