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Satirist, comic essayist, novelist, playwright, reporter, columnist, translator, screenwriter, philosopher: all describe Michael Frayn.

He is the author of Noises OffCopenhagen and Democracy; critically-acclaimed and best-selling novels such as HeadlongSpies and The Tin Men; and has written extensively for the Guardian and the Observer. His exceptionally broad body of work showcases his warm intellect, savvy comic sensibility and deep humanity.

If you were to suspect that he’s some kind of living legend, you might just be onto something.

Celebrating fifty years since his first novel was published (The Tin Men), and in Melbourne with his wife — noted literary journalist and biographer Claire Tomalin — Michael Frayn comes to the Wheeler Centre to talk about getting started.

How do you first begin to write?  What happens if you then, years later, take off in a different direction entirely?  Can you ride two horses at the same time? With Chris Mead.


Portrait of Michael Frayn

Michael Frayn

Michael Frayn was born in London in 1933 and began his career as a journalist at the Guardian and the Observer. His novels include Towards the End of the MorningHeadlongSpies and his latest, Skios. His 17 plays range from Noises Off, recently chosen as one of the UK's three favourite plays, to Copenhagen, which won the 1998 Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year and the 2000 Tony Award for Best Play. His most recent publication is Matchbox Theatre, a collection of 30 dialogues and monologues. 

Portrait of Chris Mead

Chris Mead

Chris is literary director of the Melbourne Theatre Company.

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