Men Overboard: Savages: A play reading

Savages: A play reading

The winner of the drama category in this year’s Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards was Savages, a searing examination of masculinity under duress by Patricia Cornelius. In their review of last year’s theatre run, the Australian said, ‘Savages isn’t just a remarkable piece of writing, it’s a powerful piece of theatre at every level.’

The story explores the fates of four Australian men on board a cruise ship in 2002, and how one drunken night ended in the death of a woman who ran afoul of their descent into savagery. Those who missed this electric, award-winning play now have a second chance to experience its brilliance. The four original cast members – Mark Tregonning, James O’Connell, Lyall Brooks and Luke Elliot – reunite with writer Patricia Cornelius and director Susie Dee in this unique performance read-through.


Portrait of Patricia Cornelius

Patricia Cornelius

‘You pay a price to be able to talk about your own country in the works in a really truthful and brutal way. A lot of people don’t want to hear that.’

Patricia Cornelius is a playwright of rare courage and power. As a founding member of Melbourne Workers Theatre, Patricia Cornelius has spent her career drawing attention to marginalised lives and issues surrounding class. Cornelius has written more than 35 plays, including Slut, The Call, Shit and Savages. She also co-wrote the Australian classic, Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? Cornelius is the recipient of the 2019 Windham Campbell Prize for Drama. 

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