Men Overboard: Savages: A play reading

Savages: A play reading

The winner of the drama category in this year’s Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards was Savages, a searing examination of masculinity under duress by Patricia Cornelius. In their review of last year’s theatre run, the Australian said, ‘Savages isn’t just a remarkable piece of writing, it’s a powerful piece of theatre at every level.’

The story explores the fates of four Australian men on board a cruise ship in 2002, and how one drunken night ended in the death of a woman who ran afoul of their descent into savagery. Those who missed this electric, award-winning play now have a second chance to experience its brilliance. The four original cast members – Mark Tregonning, James O’Connell, Lyall Brooks and Luke Elliot – reunite with writer Patricia Cornelius and director Susie Dee in this unique performance read-through.


Portrait of Patricia Cornelius

Patricia Cornelius

Patricia Cornelius is a founding member of Melbourne Workers Theatre. She’s a playwright, novelist and film writer.

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