Lunchbox/Soapbox: Richard Broinowski: Fallout from Fukushima

Lunchbox/Soapbox: Richard Broinowski: Fallout from Fukushima

Following the tsunami and ensuing nuclear disaster at Fukushima last year, former diplomat and ambassador Richard Broinowski travelled to the irradiated zone, to look at all aspects of nuclear power in Japan.

Today, he examines the human side of the tsunami and its aftermath, as well as the political and economic realities behind Japanese nuclear power. What is Australia’s role as Japan’s greatest supplier of uranium, and how have the events at Fukushima impacted on other countries’ nuclear aspirations?


Portrait of Richard Broinowski

Richard Broinowski

Richard Broinowski served as third secretary in the Australian Embassy, Tokyo in the 1960s, and was later executive director of the Japan Secretariat, a research group in the Department of Foreign Affairs in the 1980s. Other postings were at Australian embassies in Rangoon,Tehran and Manila.

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