Lunchbox/Soapbox: Gregory Phillips on The Republic and Aboriginal Peoples

Lunchbox/Soapbox: Gregory Phillips on The Republic and Aboriginal Peoples

What should an inclusive, modern Australian nation-state look like? With Australians generally disengaged from the political system and Aboriginal peoples not properly included in the first place, the Republic movement is perhaps the perfect avenue to address some of these issues.

Anthropologist and lecturer in Aboriginal health Gregory Phillips argues that if we are to resolve the big picture concerns of sustainability (economic and environmental) and national identity (our place in the region and world), the viewpoints of Indigenous voters must be incorporated into the political conversation. In order to move forward and adopt a more inclusive and effective system of government that brings black and white voters into synchronicity, an Australian Republic must be considered as the most viable solution.

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Portrait of Gregory Phillips

Gregory Phillips

Gregory Phillips is from the Waanyi and Jaru peoples, and comes from Cloncurry and Mount Isa. He is a medical anthropologist, with thirty years’ experience in leading change in cultural safety, healing and decolonisation.
Gregory is Chief Executive Officer of ABSTARR Consulting, is a Professor of First People’s Health, and serves on several boards and committees, including chairing the Ebony Institute, the Cathy Freeman Foundation and AHPRA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health strategy group.

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