Law and Order Week: Above the Law

Law and Order Week: Above the Law

Stuart Littlemore and PM Newton both have serious form, as a lawyer and police officer respectively. Now they’ve traded that for the world of fiction. Far from the glamorous world of private eyes with cigarettes dangling from the lips, these two masters of the worlds of law and order, respectively, speak on bridging the gap between the real world and the printed word. Chaired by Angela Savage.

Firstly, Newton and Littlemore discuss their respective former professions – Newton as police officer and Littlemore as barrister – and how each stumbled into their position somewhat by accident. Moving swiftly onto the topic of writing, they explain devices they use to distance themselves from their characters, and reveal the evolution of their stories and characters.

The line dividing truth and fiction is often blurred in crime writing, particularly when one’s writing is heavily influenced by workaday experience. Our writers talk about fiction as revenge, why crime fiction appeals to them as writers, and navigate the tricky topic of crime as entertainment.


Portrait of Stuart Littlemore

Stuart Littlemore

Stuart Littlemore is a barrister, author, documentarian and former presenter of ABC TV’s ‘Media Watch’.

Portrait of PM Newton

PM Newton

PM Newton is a former member of the New South Wales police and the author of an award-winning debut crime novel, The Old School.

Portrait of Angela Savage

Angela Savage

Angela Savage is an award-winning Melbourne author.

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