Julia Turner in Conversation

Julia Turner in Conversation

Julia Turner is the editor in chief of Slate, and a host of its hugely popular Slate Culture Gabfest podcast.

Born under the wing of Microsoft's MSN service in 1996, Slate is one of the web's longest-running publications covering politics, culture and technology. In conversation with Wheeler Centre content strategist and former Crikey editor in chief Sophie Black, Turner describes how the magazine has navigated various digital trends – and moved from aggregation through to argument-driven criticism and journalism. 

How are relatively inexperienced writers sometimes exploited for click-friendly first person accounts? What's behind Slate's successful early investments in podcasting? How long did it take for those experiments to turn profitable? Is Trump good for business? And is there such a thing as a 'millennial news product'?


Portrait of Julia Turner

Julia Turner

Julia Turner is Slate's editor in chief. Working from Slate's New York office, she oversees the magazine and edits pieces on technology, culture and design. She also writes regularly for the magazine (all too often about the TV show Mad Men) and is one of the hosts of Slate's weekly Culture Gabfest podcast.

Before joining Slate, she worked at Time Inc. – first in magazine development and later at Sports Illustrated Women.

Portrait of Sophie Black

Sophie Black

Sophie Black is head of special projects at the Wheeler Centre where she has worked on projects such as the writers scheme The Next Chapter, the podcast mentoring scheme Signal Boost, the multi-award-winning podcast, The Messenger, and the ABC RN program, Talkfest.

Previously she was editor-in-chief at Private Media and she is the former editor of Crikey. She has delivered the Adelaide Festival of Ideas as Director, sits on the advisory board for Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism and is co-chair of the human rights publication Right Now.

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