Jon Faine: Why All The Complaining?

Jon Faine: Why All The Complaining?

After a spate of natural disasters, civic scandals and financial crises, many citizens of the world’s richest nations are looking for someone to shoulder the blame, led by their politicians, community leaders and media.

But are we forgetting our blessings - and are these catastrophes being misrepresented?

In this Lunchbox/Soapbox presentation, ABC Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine questions our growing culture of complaint and asks if, instead, our expectations are unfair.

Faine takes issue with politicians, businesspeople and media outlets who exploit public sentiment to their own advantage. In so doing, he challenges us to remember that we are, after all, the ‘lucky country’.


Portrait of Jon Faine

Jon Faine

After seven years as a lawyer, Jon entered radio broadcasting in 1989 to produce and present Radio National’s Law Report.

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