Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital is one of Australia’s most respected authors, with eight novels and four short-story collections to her name. A resident of South Carolina now, she has taught fiction at universities across the world, and her work has won numerous international prizes.

Janette’s latest novel is The Claimant. In a mid-morning appearance at the Wheeler Centre, Janette Turner Hospital discusses her book - and its explorations of identity - over morning tea, with Ramona Koval hosting.


Portrait of Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital is the author of eight novels and four short story collections, most recently Forecast: Turbulence. Her books have been published in multiple languages.

Portrait of Ramona Koval

Ramona Koval

Ramona Koval is a writer, journalist, broadcaster and editor.  She is an Honorary Fellow at the centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne.

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