Invasion of the Pod People: Queering the Archives

Invasion of the Pod People: Queering the Archives

What do we know about queer lives and stories from the past? For this event, we delve into LGBTIQA+ histories with a special live recording of the Archive Fever podcast.

Archive Fever is an Australian history podcast of conversation with writers, artists, curators and historians about the possibilities and limitations of archival records. At this event, hosts Clare Wright and Yves Rees are joined by historian Noah Riseman and trans scholar and activist Julie Peters to discuss the absence of queer people, especially trans and gender diverse people, from conventional records and historical data.

Where else might we go to locate a trans or non-binary lineage? What records may LGBTIQA+ elders and predecessors have kept, and how we can recover and integrate queer figures and stories into our broader understanding of Australian history?


Portrait of Clare Wright

Clare Wright

‘I am a feminist therefore I commit feminist acts. I’m not going to undermine the political importance of what I do.’

La Trobe University historian Professor Clare Wright has worked as an author, academic, political speechwriter, historical consultant, and radio and TV broadcaster. Her latest book, You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World, has been praised by Senator Penny Wong and Anne Summers. Her earlier book, The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, won the 2014 Stella Prize and the 2014 NIB Award for Literature.

Portrait of Yves Rees

Yves Rees

Dr Yves Rees (they/them) is a writer and historian living on unceded Wurundjeri land. At present, Yves is a lecturer in history at La Trobe University and co-host of the history podcast Archive Fever. Their memoir All About Yves: Notes from a Transition is out in September 2021 with Allen & Unwin.

Portrait of Noah Riseman

Noah Riseman

Noah Riseman is an Associate Professor in History at the Australian Catholic University. He is the author of Serving in Silence? Australian LGBT Servicemen and Women (2018) and is the Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council-funded project 'Transgender Australians: The History of an Identity.'

Portrait of Julie Peters

Julie Peters

Julie Peters is still naïve enough to believe the world can be a better place and has been activist in trying to make it happen as a performer, writer, parliamentary candidate, practical environmentalist, media professional and doctoral researcher (sociology/public health of gender/transgender). 

In trying to keep up in all these areas Julie has found herself an accidental curator, at last count 18 filing cabinets, six of which are on the portrayal of trans in the media since the 1970s.