Intelligence Squared: Animals Should Be Off the Menu

Intelligence Squared: Animals Should Be Off the Menu

Intelligence Squared’s 2012 series of debates kicks off with a look at the ethics of eating meat. Six speakers are divided into two teams for lively and insightful arguments for and against the proposition, ‘Animals Should Be Off the Menu’.

Speaking for the proposition are Peter Singer, Philip Wollen and Veronica Ridge; against it, Adrian Richardson, Fiona Chambers and Bruce McGregor. Their cases are followed by questions from the floor and finally, the audience vote.

For analysis of the event – including a transcript of audience vote results – read our article covering the debate.


Portrait of Peter Singer

Peter Singer

Peter Singer is a philosopher and author of over 25 books on ethics. He is best known for Animal Liberation, widely credited with starting the animal rights movement.

Portrait of Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson is head chef at Melbourne’s La Luna Bistro and a co-host of Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef programme.

Portrait of Veronica Ridge

Veronica Ridge

Veronica Ridge is a senior editor of the Age who is currently editing the Life&Style section of the Saturday Age. She was editor of Epicure, the Age’s weekly food and wine section, for four years (2007–2010).

Portrait of Bruce McGregor

Bruce McGregor

Bruce McGregor is an animal scientist with international standing in his fields of animal production science. His voluntary community environmental work has been acknowledged with a Centenary of Federation Medal.

Portrait of Fiona Chambers

Fiona Chambers

Fiona Chambers is a lecturer at Marcus Oldham Agricultural College in Geelong. She holds a Diploma of Applied Science in agriculture, specialising in animal health, nutrition and genetics and is undertaking a Master of Animal Breeding Management at Sydney University.

Portrait of Philip Wollen

Philip Wollen

Philip was vice president of Citibank, specialising in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions.

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