Ideas for Melbourne: Transport and Movement

Ideas for Melbourne: Transport and Movement

Planes, trains, automobiles and – latterly – cycling are a perennial Melbourne bone of contention. Is there room on the roads for everyone, or are we heading for traffic armageddon? Paul Mees, Meredith Sussex and Daniel Bowen explore the ideas, the funding, the political and class issues - and, of course, the modes - of getting around Melbourne’s growing metropolis.


Portrait of Meredith Sussex

Meredith Sussex

Ms Meredith Sussex AM is a non-executive board director and consultant who provides strategic advice to organisations on public policy, planning, management and governance. She is a non-executive director of the Port of Melbourne Corporation and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, and an administrator of Brimbank City Council where, with two others, she acts in place of the council that was removed by the state government for a variety of governance failings.

Portrait of Paul Mees

Paul Mees

Dr. Paul Mees is a senior lecturer in transport planning at RMIT.

Portrait of Daniel Bowen

Daniel Bowen

Daniel Bowen is president of the Public Transport Users Association.

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