Ideas for Melbourne: City and Urban Planning

Ideas for Melbourne: City and Urban Planning

With greater Melbourne growing by thousands every week, how will we ensure bigger really is better? Does high density mean high rise? As we live ever-closer to our neighbours, can we all get along? Join Jane-Frances Kelly, Trevor Dance, Rob Adams and Jill Garner to explore the issue.


Portrait of Jill Garner

Jill Garner

Jill Garner is an Associate Architect with the Victorian Government.

Portrait of Rob Adams

Rob Adams

Professor Rob Adams is currently the Director City Design and Projects at the City of Melbourne and a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization. With over 46 years' experience as an Architect and Urban Designer and 35 years at the City of Melbourne, Rob has made a significant contribution to the rejuvenation of central Melbourne. His recent focus has been on how cities could be used to accommodate and mitigate rapid population growth and the onset of climate change.


Portrait of Jane-Frances Kelly

Jane-Frances Kelly

Since moving to Australia in 2004, Jane-Frances Kelly has worked as a senior adviser to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Boston Consulting Group, the Vice-Chancellor at Melbourne University, the Chief Commissioner at Victoria Police, and the Victorian and Queensland Premier’s Departments.

Portrait of Trevor Dance

Trevor Dance

Trevor Dance has been a resident of Sunbury for the past 23 years living next to Emu Bottom Homestead. He has been a Green Wedge activist since the late 1990s.

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